Allyson Akers

Birthing a baby is one hell of a ride.

My goal is to give you your North Star while traversing the wild, uncertain waters through one of the greatest rites of passage known to mankind: birth.

Let me tell you a little secrect, after 12 + years of studying birth practices, stats, and cultures across the globe I have come to discover this:

A great birth is so much more than how it looks.

It’s not a matter of having a natural birth or not, or having a hospital or homebirth nor even a vaginal versus cesarean that determines a deeply fulfilling experience.

It goes much deeper than that.

A great birth is about doing whats best for YOU.


I have learned, experienced, and witnessed when a woman starts to “own” her body, life, and choices, it literaly rocks the earth.

It doesn’t matter what the actual specifics of the outcome turn out to be, the experience of staying true to herself is transformational and lights a fire within that can never be extinguished.

And can you imagine a greater gift than that to give your child?

Yes, evidence-based medicine is great, but truly good medicine is not bound by a strict definition. It is open, fluid, adaptable, personal, soulful and ever evolving.

It’s the starting point, not the end.

Every woman I know wants to do whats best for her baby yet our current birth culture is going through a major shift.

Unfortunately, it is creating a lot of overwhelming confusion for most women….not to mention a heavy dose of pressure to make things go “just so”.

My hope is to help you weed out the crap, rise above the chaos, get grounded in your own truth, and set you out on a course that truly prepares you for the soul altering transitions ahead.


The personal side:

I consider myself the quintessential poster child for the woman who wants it all.

I like to use my brain, feed my soul, and look good while I’m doing it.

I’m from the bluegrass state of Kentucky aka heaven on earth.  I grew up on the sidelines of the polo world.  My parents always advised me to not marry a polo player: so I did.

My husband and I have two wild and unruly boys with hopes of adding to the chaos maybe once or twice more….because motherhood amnesia is for real.

I have followed a rather windy oh-so-not traditional path of studying lay midwifery, switching to nurse-midwifery, to my current trail of becoming an ob/gyn…..and yes I will be like mid-forty by the time that happens, but I say take life by the horns.

I am a CAPPA trained childbirth educator, a certified BOLD Method for Birth Facilitator, and a DONA trained doula.  That said I have to say that after all this time studying maternity medicine, it was my own births and those that I have been blessed to witness that have taught me the most.


I send you all my love and blessings throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and new life as a mother!